The late Steve Jobs said that innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.  During this uncertain time in our world, businesses and individuals are forced to find inventive ways to stay connected and provide the support that is critical for survival.

Since its inception, Connected Dealer Services (CDS) has been a leader in new car dealership lot management solutions.  Continued innovation is at the core of who we are and how we support our dealer partners to move their business forward.

Elo GPS, our core vehicle and lot management brand, is used nationwide for new car franchise dealerships to enhance their guests’ experience as well as manage their inventory more effectively.  Real-time access to vehicle locations and vehicle health alerts allow service departments to ensure every car on the lot is ready at a moment’s notice.

The web-based dealer platform that provides data, insights and on-demand reporting is a vital asset to dealership management across the nation.  To enhance the dealer partner experience and make it even easier to make business decisions, we have taken the platform to the next level.

Elo GPS 2.0 is an upgraded dealer lifecycle management platform that is used as a business intelligence tool with easily consumable data and insights complete with visual charts and graphs.  Each of these updates was specifically created with our dealer and agent partners in mind to enrich their user experience and the value they get out of the service daily.

As we continue to work with our partners and lead the path of innovation in the field, we’ll continue to push the connected car industry forward and unveil new ways that franchise dealerships can manage their assets, while providing secure and long-term solutions for their customers that also build loyalty.

To learn more, check out our latest press release on the latest update to our Elo GPS 2.0 Dealer Lot Management Platform.

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