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Comprehensive Inventory Management System

The CDS system is a comprehensive Dealer Inventory Management system designed exclusively for new car dealerships. Our smart GPS management software enables dealers to track inventory, manage loaner inventory, prevent loss due to stolen vehicles, reduce cost, increase staff efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Dealers receive all the above benefits plus a strong new profit center.

Dealer Inventory Management

CDS Vehicle Tracking Tool for Dealerships

CDS software provides you with:

  • Current view of your inventory, by make, model and year – all at a glance
  • Flexible views by map, terrain or satellite
  • Real-time location of all your inventory
  • Track and manage loaner inventory
  • Inventory of moving vehicles

And you can drill into any vehicle with a click to get more details.

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking

Track You Inventory Anytime, Any Place

Even if you have multiple dealership locations, pinpointing any vehicle is simple:

  • Search by VIN, Make, Model, Year
  • Use our simple filtering functions and drill down by Year, Make, Model
  • Click on any dealership or vehicle location and drill down
  • Quick view of loaner inventory

Now think about the ramifications for your sale team and your customers. Sales can locate a specific vehicle in inventory instantly using any mobile device. Your customers can test drive the vehicles they are looking for without delays.

Theft Protection

Set Geofences Around Your Lots to Secure Your Inventory

  • Instantly locate and track any missing vehicle
  • Create geofences around your dealerships.
  • Then set up alerts for vehicles that leave that area after hours.
  • You’ll know instantly if one of your vehicles is taken so you can notify law enforcement.

Reduce the Time of Audits:

Floorplan Audits Become a Breeze with CDS

CDS automates your inventory so audits can go quicker.

  • The CDS dashboard provides you with inventory counts at a glance
  • You can also provide¬† a full inventory list that includes VIN, Make, Model, Year, Serial number and last time the GPS device reported to your auditors
  • Run exception reports to see any loaner cars out, any car out for a test drive, etc.
  • Instantly locate any vehicle by VIN

CDS virtually cuts your audit time in half!

Dealer Profit Center:

The CDS value added GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Driver Monitoring System provides CDS dealer partners a significant profit center by providing a simple consumer add on sale at the POS. Our system can transform your inventory management cost into a growing profit center that can add hundreds of profit dollars to each sale. Our system offers your customers the following benefits:

  • Real time tracking with History
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Teen Driver Monitoring
  • User defined Geo Fence alerts when vehicle moves beyond a set range
  • Easy set up and aggressive price levels

Security and Privacy:

Unlike public cloud environments that battle for priority, CDS virtual private cloud supports only our customers and applications with no interference from other users. This dedicated, highly secure environment ensures higher availability and faster delivery of service.

Secure Software - CDSThe CDS infrastructure also comes with numerous levels of redundancy, including multiple zones and regions. Our design eliminates any single point of failure so you stay connected to your assets even in the case of a natural disaster.

When you partner with CDS, you can be assured that your data is secure and protected.