Sell More Vehicles, in Less Time, For a Higher Gross.

Our complete dealer lifecycle management system impacts all facets of your business from improved efficiencies in lot management and the sales process to driving return business and service retention with our customer engagement tool.

Transform your management system costs into a growing profit center that can add hundreds of dollars in profit to each sale and improve your customer experience and retention.


Improve PVR By Adding Unparalleled Value

Add substantial value to vehicles at point of sale with the most advanced technology features customers want:

  • Real-time location data and trip history

  • 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery Support

  • Vehicle Health Alerts

  • Potential Insurance Discounts

  • Teen Driver Monitoring

  • Monitor Multiple Vehicles

  • Easy Service Scheduling

  • Smart alerts for geofences, fuel, battery, speed, and more!

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