Efficiently manage your inventory and improve your customer’s experience

Instantly locate new, used, or loaner vehicles on or off the lot from any smartphone, tablet, or computer with our comprehensive Dealer Management System.

After spending thousands on advertising to bring in customers, a single bad experience can lose a customer for life. Our powerful lot management tool can make sure potential customers have a hassle-free experience and vehicles are ready to impress.

Because we all know nothing kills a deal faster than not being able to locate the vehicle or walking up to a car that won’t start.

Car Dealership Lot Management Platform


Transform Your Inventory Management Cost Into a Growing Profit Center

With high customer demand for vehicle security systems, you can transfer the GPS tracking, theft protection, and vehicle monitoring benefits of our solution to your customers during sell-through.

Our GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Driver Monitoring System creates a significant profit center by providing a substantial, tangible, value-add at POS.

Benefits for Drivers

  • Real-time location data and trip history

  • 24/7 Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance

  • Teen Driver Monitoring

  • Potential Insurance Discounts

  • Smart alerts for geofences, fuel, battery, speed, and more!

More Features