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Discover a career where your expertise meets innovation. At Connected Dealer Services, we’re committed to driving the future of automotive technology. Explore opportunities to contribute to groundbreaking projects in an environment that values creativity and forward-thinking.

About Us

Connected Dealer Services is a connected vehicle technology company focused on providing automotive dealers with tools and services that help them optimize their business and drive more profits to their bottom-line while maintaining an ongoing relationship with their customers. Our products, including CarRx by Elo GPS, offer solutions that manage their inventory effectively, safeguard assets, reduce costs, enhance service retention, and add value at the point of sale.

With our innovative technology and in-depth understanding of new car dealership needs, we provide exceptional products and services that connect our dealers and their customers to timely, accurate, and actionable vehicle information that allows them to confidently make decisions.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do, and our #1 priority is to help them achieve their goals. We are passionate about solving their problems with speed, empathy, and respect.

We recognize the diverse knowledge and experience that each team member brings to the table. We work and win together as a team and avoid isolation in decision-making processes. We believe in unlocking the potential of each team member and investing the time and resources needed to empower employees to grow their skills.

We believe learning is a lifelong journey that helps us adapt and succeed. We analyze everything to learn new methods or strategies to improve our performance. By seeking out the perspectives and experiences of others and accepting feedback with an open mind, we all grow as individuals and as a team.

We empower our employees to deliver outstanding results for our customers, our team, and our business. We expect nothing but the best from ourselves and each other. Our professionalism and expertise set us apart in our industry, and we take pride in distinguishing ourselves through the quality of our work. We hold ourselves and each other accountable with compassion and call each other up instead of calling each other out.

As we grow, we stay nimble, adaptable, and responsive to our customer’s needs and are always ready to solve problems quickly. We enjoy the opportunity for change and growth in all aspects of our business and are willing to cut through red tape to achieve our goals.

We don’t settle for the status quo, instead we welcome feedback, always looking for ways to improve and be ahead of our customer’s needs. Our focus is on continuously adding value to our products and services and building our technology and processes to achieve growth and scale.

We always do the right thing, even when it’s hard. We keep our promises, proving our word can be trusted. We are proud of how we conduct ourselves and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.

We believe in being good partners to our teammates and our customers and being easy to do business with. We show up for each other and our communities and value each other’s unique contributions to collective success. More than transactional, we build real connections that go beyond products and services.

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