As an agent with a portfolio of products and services you offer to North America’s automotive franchised dealerships, could you use a highly beneficial, cutting-edge technology product and service that delivers recurring monthly revenue stream directly to you in your dedicated territory? We’re sure the answer is yes, so we’ll detail why Connected Dealer Services (CDS) by Procon Analytics will offer your dealer clients tremendous value and increased gross profit while enhancing the dealer’s CSI and building trusted relationships with their customers to create long-term loyalty.

You know and understand the automotive retail landscape, you have existing relationships you can develop and grow, and importantly, you have a reputation for professionalism, honesty, and integrity. You are looking for products and services to offer your clients that benefit them tremendously, while increasing your personal wealth through a steady, recurring revenue stream. If so, we would like to hear from you.

IoT, Connectivity, and AI Are Just Getting Started

Recent studies show the Global Internet of Things (IoT) market will reach $724.2 Billion by 2023. Further, the market is projected to register a compound annual growth rate of 13.2% during the forecast period now through 2023 globally. Our CDS GPS technology connects every new vehicle a dealership sells with the selling dealership in ways that enhances customer satisfaction, improves service retention, boosts gross profit, and helps dealers manage and secure their inventory. We’d like to think a product like this could sell itself, but we know better. We need people like you to detail the value proposition, close the deal, and see the benefits of referral business in your exclusive territory.

CDS by Procon Analytics is the leader in cloud-based Dealer Lifecycle Management with new vehicle retailers. Our easy-to-install advanced technology hardware is placed on every new vehicle sold to maximize the effectiveness for the dealer and the consumer and gives CDS agent a recurring revenue stream each month once they secure a contract. Ride this wave as it begins to grow!

CDS Inventory Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery Solution: Here’s how it works.

A 10 to 15-minute installation of our advanced GPS hardware is performed and it immediately begins sending data back to the dealership over a reliable wireless network. This data is used to provide the dealership with inventory data such as where the car is – great tool when auditors are looking at the floorplan. It also helps sales managers locate vehicles quickly and know if the car is ready for a test drive for example, identifying if the battery is dead or not. The solution can be sold through to car buyers providing with and a connected app to locate and protect their vehicle throughout ownership. Plus, it even helps them stay on track with servicing the vehicle. The solution provides the service department with the number of miles driven for standard maintenance and notifies them if a check engine code is triggered. This, and other data, is then pushed to a state-of-the-art computer dashboard where it gives the dealer with the ability to understand existing and predict future customer service needs. The dealership can then have a more informed conversation with the customer, which helps get the customer back to the selling dealership. Dealers can offer discounts on service work for the specific issue to assist in setting the appointment and ensure the customer shows. The most positive benefit for the dealer is that CDS’s hardware and systems pay for themselves rapidly, with significant ROIs. Our supporting data, analysis, and testimonials help you close the deal!

Target-Rich Environment

According to NADA the nation’s 16,794 franchised dealers sold 8.6 million light-duty vehicles during the first half of 2018, and new vehicle sales topped $500 billion. Dealerships wrote 155 million repair orders with service and parts sales of more than $58 billion. F&I penetration is now near 90 percent, and F&I income as a percent of new vehicle department sales is nearly 3%. This means that the marketplace is ripe with opportunities to provide dealers with useful products and services that create value and boost gross profit for the dealership, and also provide our agents a lucrative, recurring revenue stream.

We’re Right There With You

As a CDS agent, you will have access to hands-on training from our Agent Success Team. We provide marketing support, product education, and sales training. Our systems are constantly being updated and improved as a result of agent and client suggestions. We also employ smart algorithms that work tirelessly on our behalf to create better, more useful products while improving efficiency and, ultimately, client and customer satisfaction.

Territories Are Open Now

When you sign on as a CDS agent, you will be given a territory exclusively for as long as you remain under contract. With this exclusivity agreement and the backing of our Agent Success Team, you will have the freedom to work your territory at a pace the best works for you as you develop your business strategies. By enhancing your portfolio of products and services to your existing and new clients, you can increase your bottom line with a stout, recurring, monthly revenue stream. Take a look at and answer a few questions below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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