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About Us

Connected Dealer Services is a new cloud-base, connected GPS technology company targeting progressive new car dealerships across the US.

Connected Dealer Services primary focus is providing New Car Automotive Dealers with custom designed GPS based management tools and services that help dealers optimize operations, reduce cost and drive more profits to their bottom line.

Our new GPS Dealer Inventory Management System is engineered exclusively for new car dealers. The system helps Auto Dealers protect their vehicle assets, manage inventory, reduce costs, improve service retention and provide a value added profit center at the point of sale.

About CDS & GPS

We’ve recruited a team of innovators experienced within wireless, GPS technology and the unique needs of New Car Dealerships to create a comprehensive system that enables faster, smarter and more streamlined operational decisions.

Contact us now to arrange an in-store demo. Our team can review with your key management personnel how quickly we can help you achieve the following with no cost to your dealership:

  • Protect your vehicle Inventory Assets
  • Manage your new car and loaner Inventory
  • Improve Service Retention
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce Cost
  • New Profit Center – value added consumer add on at POS