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Protect Consumers and their Vehicles - Connected Dealer Services

Complete GPS Based Dealer Lifecycle Management System

CDS Dealer Inventory Software

The CDS system is a comprehensive Dealer Lifecycle Management (DLM) system designed exclusively for new car dealerships. Our smart GPS management software enables dealers to track inventory, manage loaner inventory, prevent loss due to stolen vehicles, reduce cost, increase staff efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Other benefits include increased service customer retention, eligibility for insurance discounts, easily manage inventory audits and more. Dealers receive all the above benefits plus add a strong new profit center.


Profit Center - Consumer App - Elo Connected Car

GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Driver Monitoring System

Elo GPS is a value added GPS Stolen Vehicle Recovery and Driver Monitoring System provides CDS dealer partners a significant profit center by providing a simple consumer add on sale at the POS. Our system can transform your inventory management cost into a growing profit center that can add hundreds of profit dollars to each sale. Our system offers your customers the following benefits:

  • Nationwide Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  • Real-time vehicle tracking from any PC or mobile device
  • Teen Driver Monitoring – know when where and how fast
  • User defined Geofence alerts when vehicle moves beyond a set range
  • Mobile app allows tracking anywhere from home or with any smartphone
  • Easy set up, installation and aggressive price levels
  • Service mileage level alerts to improve service customer retention

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Dealer Inventory Management System

GPS Technology Secures Your Assets

Easily secure your entire vehicle inventory. Instantly locate, find and recover missing or stolen inventory.

GPS Technology Help Manage Your Lot

Our advanced GPS inventory management systems instantly locates and new used, loaner or dealer vehicle. Breeze through inventory audits.

GPS Technology - Profit Center

Our value added Stolen Vehicle Recovery GPS systems provides our dealer partners a significant profit center.

GPS Tracking - Sales Assistant

Our new MOBILE APP allows dealer staff to quickly search inventory. Instantly locate vehicles by vehicle year, model, color, make.

GPS - customer connection center
Advanced GPS Technology

Dealer service and sales departments receive email alerts when vehicle passes user defined mileage levels control demo and loaner fleet and more.

GPS - Turn Key Setup

Our experienced partners utilizing our turnkey process can implement the entire system. Your commitment can start building profits in as little as 1 week.

Automate Inventory Management & Increase Profits!